amitools is a set of (mainly) Python 2.x libraries that help classic Amiga (m68k) Development. The tools in this project are intendent for developers and assume good knowledge of the Amiga and its OS. The tools are cross development tools as they run on your Mac (or PC) and help to create code there for your trusty old machines. Development is mainly done on Mac OS X, but I assume they will run on a Linux/Posix system, too. Windows users will have to try 😉


The tools are currently only available directly for its source code repository.

Head over to GitHub and clone my repository: amitools @ GitHub

You can run the python scripts directly from the base directory of the source tree. You do not need any special installation first!


1. hunktool – Swiss Army Knife for Amiga Hunk Binaries

Display information on an Amiga Binary:

./hunktool info <binary

You can add hexdumps of all segments if you like:

./hunktool info -x <binary>

You can even dissassemble code segments:

./hunktool info -A <binary>

For dissassembly you will need the vda68k disassembler from Frank Wille’s Homepage. Just compile it on your Mac and make sure its in the PATH.

You can also use GNU’s m68k-elf-objdump for disassembly (see AROS 68k for details):

./hunktool info -A -o <binary>

With binutils you can even select the m68k CPU type used for disassembly:

./hunktool info -A -o -c 68020 <binary>

There are lots more options. Just call for help:

./hunktool -h

2. xdftool

See the xdftool page for more details.

3. rdbtool

See the rdbtool page for more details.

4. vamos

See the vamos page for more details.


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