Recently I modded another DTV Joystick: This time the original case was preserved and enriched with a lot of nifty features:

* Shadowolf’s sd2iec device including disk change switch and 2 LEDs
* ps/2 keyboard connector
* external IEC connector
* 2 joystick ports with switchable reset line for dtvtrans
* 5V power regulator
* switch for external/internal battery power

Here is a gallery:

Here from inside: Its really crammed here and I don’t think I can add anything more without sacrifycing the battery case 🙂

I clearly seperated the lower part of the joystick and included all external connectors there. They are connected to the DTV mainboard via a set of connector cables that are easily joined without soldering. Additionally, the lower part also holds the sd2iec device. I fixed the board with a small frame I created from an outdated credit card that I glued with hot glue.

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