This page is the central place for information about the development of MacVICE, the official port of the VICE emulators. The VICE Mac port currently consists of three versions: X11 with Athena widgets, GTK+ on X11 and native Cocoa. All ports are maintained but the focus of development lies on the the Cocoa port as it provides the native interface for Macs and also has most features.

1. MacVICE

1.1 MacVICE Forum

There is a MacVICE Thread at Please post your questions, suggestions and other information related to MacVICE there. Thank you!

1.2 MacVICE as Project on

Recently, the official VICE source code moved to SourceForge. The MacVICE source tree is now included in the public repository in the main development branch trunk.

1.3 Current Development Versions

The following versions of MacVICE are development snapshots of the current branch in the MacVICE tree of It is intended for testing purposes only. They may be unstable and/or incomplete and are mainly intended for beta testers. If you want to join testing then simply download a current snapshot, test it and submit a detailed bug report or even source patches. Just mail me (lallafa) at this domain. Any feedback is very welcome! Thank you!
End users should download the official versions available at the VICE Homepage. Support can only be given for these release versions. With the snapshots you are on your own, and I assume you know what you are doing 😉
The snapshot versions are tagged with the VICE development version, the revision of the repository and the current date.

1.4 Download MacVICE Snapshots

Download the most recent version here:

Enter the MacVICE File Area

The following flavors of MacVICE are available:

  • cocoa-i386+ppc-10.5-gcc40
    Cocoa UI running on Intel and PPC Mac, requires OSX 10.5
    most common – use this one!
  • cocoa-i386+ppc-10.4-gcc40
    Same as above but runs on OSX 10.4, too but lacks some features.
  • cocoa-i386+x86_64-10.6-gcc42
    Also Cocoa UI but this time 32-bit and 64-bit support for Intel Macs.
    No more PPC Support. Requires OSX 10.6
  • cocoa-i386+x86_64-10.6-clang
    Same as above but compiled with alternative compiler. Might result it better performance.
  • sdl-i386+ppc-10.4-gcc40
    Uses SDL library UI – not native! Runs on Intel and PPC and requires OSX 10.4 and SDL Library Framework installed.
  • gtk-i386+ppc-10.4-gcc40
    Uses GTK+ UI (running on X11) – not native! Runs on Intel and PCC and requires OSX 10.4.
  • x11-i386+ppc-10.4-gcc40
    Uses X11 UI – not native! Runs on Intel and PCC and requires OSX 10.4.

1.5 Development News

NEW (27.06.2009) Snapshot updates are tracked on Twitter now: macvice @ Twitter

OLD and OBSOLETE Updates:

* Added OpenCBM support with runtime linkage (use cvs version)
* Moved FFMPEG out of application bundle. Use MacPorts FFMPEG if its available
* Added QuickTime Movie Export
* Mac OS X 10.4 is now a base requirement for all ports
* Fixed Crashes on 10.4 experienced in VICE 2.1 (Sound related)

* Added Fliplists
* Added Netplay Dialog
* Added ROM Resources
* Added Video Settings Dialog
* Added Record Snapshot Dialog

* cocoa is now compiled for 10.5 and 10.3+4. 10.5 uses improved resource inspector
* added copy & paste for emulator and log/monitor windows
* added view scales x2, x3, x4 like quicktime: cmd+2, cmd+3...
* added Resources: DTV, Mouse, ReSID FP
* added tape controls and fixed tape support
* added attach/eject buttons for disk and tape images
* replaced peripheral drawer with a control utility window. better for multiple canvases and fullscreen
* store visibility/size/position of tool and main window in user defaults

* added new keyset joystick toggle on CMD+K
* added new joystick setup for HID devices
* added MIDI support

* fixed cocoa keymaps
* added Media Record UI

* added Resource Inspector for editing machine resources

* added Snapshot/Quick Snapshot
* added auto-hide menu in fullscreen mode
* added auto-hide mouse in emulator window
* fixed aspect ratio in fullscreen mode

* updated to 1.22.12
* source now taken from official SVN Repository at (cocoa-branch)

* readded FFMPEG
* use MagerValp's new hi-res Icons for Cocoa Apps

* Printer Settings has new short cut: Cmd+Alt+P
* store Settings in Preferences Path: ~/Library/Preferences/org.viceteam.x64/
* added Machine Video Standard Menu
* added Video Rendering Menu
* correctly activate App on first Canvas
* OpenGL output syncs to VBlank
* rewrote OpenGL setup and redraw
* enabled Warp Mode

2. MacVICEplus

Starting with VICE 2.0.5 snapshots the VICEplus patches are all included in the main VICE tree. So the VICEplus Project will become obsolete in the near future. Thus no more snapshots are found here!

MacVICEplus in

The official VICEplus source code is located in SourceForge. The MacVICEplus source tree is directly taken from the trunk of the repository.

2.1 MacVICEplus Snapshots

  • Current Snapshot: –
    • Summary: current VICEplus 1.1 Release (includes Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) fixes)
    • Ports: X11, GTK
    • Source: VICE 1.22-433

Enter the (obsolete) MacVICEplus File Area

17 thoughts on “MacVICE

  1. Hallo,

    wie kann ich dich unterstützen den VICE zu finalisieren auf dem Mac. Programmierkenntnisse habe ich keine, gleich vorweg. Besteht da eine Möglichkeit dir in einer einer Form zu helfen und den Finalisierungsprozess zu beschleunigen?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Ramon Schmitt

  2. First of all, comments like yours really motivate and thus support the development. Its good to know that there are actually users out there that appreciate a (finished) native Mac version 😉

    Most work that needs to be done involves more or less Cocoa programming. Nevertheless, you can contribute by testing the current snapshots and give feedback (bug reports, feature requests).

    A new snapshot with extended features is already on schedule and I hope to find the time to release it in the near future.


  3. Oh you are a marvel! Combining my favorite two computers — my Mac and the computer of my childhood — with a native Mac interface. Bravo! 🙂

  4. I’m not sure if this is an Internationalization issue, but the “Y” and “Z” keys are reversed for me. Copying out “osx_sym.vkm” and reversing the keysyms for 6 and 16 fixed it. I have a 24″ iMac (US) with 10.5.2 and the stock (flat aluminum) keyboard.

    16 3 1 8 /* Y -> Y */
    6 1 4 8 /* Z -> Z */

  5. Glad to see the cocoa release is still in progress. I couldn’t get X11
    release to work with my Macbook Air. Thanx to your Leopard fixes
    our demos run smooth as ever..

    Dylotic / Xenon

  6. Well, well, I stumbled upon this page sort of by accident. (Via the Diskimager64 page, via lemon64)

    Good thing too because I spent an enjoyable hour this morning on the Mac version of Vice with the xbox360 controller that won’t work in Ubuntu 8.10.

    Thanks for all your hard work on Vice!

  7. Any comment on when the xvic Cocoa version will be improved? At the moment, I cannot even get it to accept my typing, let alone loading a cartridge image file.

  8. Hallo!
    Habe eventuell einen Bug gefunden:
    bekomme seit einiger Zeit immer wieder einen Vice-error (Sound: write to sound device failed.) wenn ich in den warp-modus wechsel (cmd+w) oder ab und an Resete (cmd+r) … nutze die Aktuelle Version vom 28.06 Macosx 10.5.7 Intel ..

  9. sorry hier nochmal der log:

    Main CPU: RESET.
    AUTOSTART: Loading program ‘*’
    AUTOSTART: Starting program.
    AUTOSTART: Turning Warp mode off
    sound (coreaudio): buffer overrun
    Sound: Closing device `coreaudio’
    Sound: Opened device `coreaudio’, speed 44100Hz, fragment size 11ms, buffer size 104ms
    reSID: MOS6581, filter on, sampling rate 44100Hz – resampling, pass to 0Hz
    sound (coreaudio): buffer overrun
    Sound: Closing device `coreaudio’

  10. Hello,

    in MacOSX 10.6.1 Sound Playback gives me ‘Sound: initialization failed for device `coreaudio’.’ also got the same problem while recording Videos in Vice and using Warp.

    the Version i use is: Version 2.1.14-r21204_20090714


  11. Greetings Lallafa,

    On my iMac (10.6.2) the x86_64 builds do not find my gamepads. Reverting to the 10.5 builds resolves the problem. I tried deleting my org.viceteam.x64 plists and recreated the settings from scratch but this did not resolve the issue.

    Any ideas I could try or this a known issue and I missed a note somewhere?

    Many thanks, -JD

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