dtv2ser Hardware

The dtv2ser hardware needs an ATmega8 microcontroller core and a serial connection. You can either connect a MAX232 level converter and access the device via a RS232 cable or you can directly connect a USB serial converter.

On this page you can see different schematics that realize the dtv2ser device with alternate connection options.

The dtv2ser+usb

dtv2ser+usb is a small SMD board design that is included starting with the dtv2ser 0.2 release.

It includes a FT 232 RL serial-to-USB chip that is directly connected to the USB type A male connector.

Here is the Schematic done with Eagle:

Here is the Board Design that realizes a USB-stick-like design and fits nicely in an old USB stick case:

One of my prototype boards:

And finally the first three assembled boards:

dtv2ser+usb devices

The cvm8board

dtv2ser on the cvm8board is implemented with a small ATmega8 based board, a MAX232A serial converter and some extra parts. The total cost of all parts is lower than 10 EUR.

The board has a DB9 connector for both the RS232 serial connection and the DTV dtvtrans joystick port.

Currently, only the schematic of the board is available and my hand-made prototypes. In the release archive you will find the schematics in Eagle format.

The dtv2ser device Schematic.

My Prototype Board.

Fits nicely in a small Case.

2 thoughts on “dtv2ser Hardware

  1. hammerarbeit! gibt es auch eine partlist fuer den nicht-smd prototypen? fuer smd und platine selber aetzen hab ich nicht das zeug. waer echt super.

  2. @bastler: ne fuer den Prototypen habe ich keine Partslist. Aber im Schaltplan sind die Teile ja gekennzeichnet. Und in Eagle kann man sich aus der Schematic auch leicht eine Liste erzeugen.

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