DiskImagery64 0.5 released

First of all: The best wishes for 2007 to you all!

The nice thing with christmas holidays is the spare time you have to work on some retro projects. One of the my number-one want-to-have-tools is a browser for disk images (D64 of course) to quickly scan through the pile of disk image files I have on my Mac’s hard disk. There are some disk editors available that would do the trick, but mostly on Windows or Java and not natively on Macs. Since none of my christmas parcels contained such a Mac App, I simply started to write my own one…

The result is DiskImagery64, a simple to use GUI to quickly open a large number of disk images nicely embedded in the Mac UI. Starting with a simple viewer the application grew to a full image editor that allows simple file transfer by dragging and dropping the files between images. I added file transfers from/to the local file system to quickly create images with own files, e.g. programs. Some extra features like adding separators, mounting the created image with a shortcut directly in your favorite emulator, toggling charsets, … quickly made a feature filled tool out of DiskImagery64.

I implemented DiskImagery64 with the Qt Library 4.2.2 for the GUI, so the program is also portable to Linux and even Windows. Furthermore, the program is Open-Source (GPL V2), so you can grab the source and compile your own version. For the disk image access routines I use the diskimage Library written by Per Olofsson. This great lib helped me to get going with D64s really quickly and allowed me to concentrate on the GUI aspects of the tool.

The program is not very old yet, so there are certainly many bugs hidden in the current release. Nevertheless, I wanted to share the new D64 experience on your Mac as early as possible. So have a look a DiskImagery64 version 0.5 (first public release), play around a bit and send me some bug reports if you find something odd…

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