SD Card “disk box”

Its getting colder outside and its time for cool retro projects!

Today I had a really fine idea on how to better store all the SD cards I have lying around here on my desk…

With lots of retro projects using SD card as primary storage media I have lots of them here on my . . . → Read More: SD Card “disk box”

Updated OpenCBM and Nibtools Portfiles

If you are using OpenCBM or Nibtools with the MacPort Portfiles I offer here on my site then you can now find an update of both Portfiles on the following pages:

OpenCBM on Mac Nibtools on Mac

What has changed? Until now I had Portfiles that pick the source from a Snapshot tarball I have . . . → Read More: Updated OpenCBM and Nibtools Portfiles

What I’ve done lately…

So many month passed by and no update here… I wasn’t lazy (at least not all the time 😉 and so I’ll give you a short summary what retro projects I’ve been involved with lately:

DiskFreeezerX – My pet project that aims to build a standalone disk capture device… Should come very handy for partys . . . → Read More: What I’ve done lately…

Nibtools on Mac added and OpenCBM on Mac updated

Now with ZoomFloppy device hitting the streets and a growing number of Mac users that own this device its about time to give them decent software packages to work with. I already started the OpenCBM on Mac page quite some time ago when I started to help porting the code for Macs. I reworked the . . . → Read More: Nibtools on Mac added and OpenCBM on Mac updated

dtv2ser 0.5 released

From time to time I get requests of users who want to buy or build their own dtv2ser device from the schematics I published in previous dtv2ser versions. Unfortunately, I only ordered a small number of prototype boards and those boards are already all sold out. For most users the schematic is too difficult to . . . → Read More: dtv2ser 0.5 released

MacVICE News: Introducing IO Tree

While the last added debugging features to MacVICE are all well-known and mostly ported from WinVICE this one is a new and currently mac-only debugging feature: The IO Tree. “What’s this?”, you might ask.

The IO Tree is actually an anotated dump of the memory-mapped IO registers from your beloved cbm platform. All is packed . . . → Read More: MacVICE News: Introducing IO Tree

MacVICE News: New Debug Windows

I am currently working on extending MacVICE with some fancy debugging features. Users of WinVICE already know the memory, register and disassemlby windows that exist besides the monitor view.

I adopted all of these window types with a slight make-it-the-mac-way style attached 😉 My debug windows are tied to the main or drive CPU and . . . → Read More: MacVICE News: New Debug Windows

XUM1541 and OpenCBM for Mac

With christmas time the presents arrive… Nate Lawson presented the beta of his incredible XUM1541 USB to IEC/parallel adapter for OpenCBM. I was immediately amazed by this project and built my own version of the XUM1541. I had the chance to help out testing the software on Macs even in its early stages, so everything . . . → Read More: XUM1541 and OpenCBM for Mac

dtv2ser 0.4 released!

LTNS! Yes, indeed… it took quite a while to finish this new version, but its really worth the wait!

dtv2ser 0.4 now supports all new features of dtvtrans 1.0 including init after reset, BASIC loading, saving and RUN. Furthermore, full flash support was added!

If you are impatient then just head over to the dtv2ser . . . → Read More: dtv2ser 0.4 released!

Finished my DIY 1541U Cartridge Case

Puh, finally my 1541U cartridge has a decent case! I created one myself starting with a generic case at the price of about one EUR…

Have a look at my Lallafa’s 1541U DIY Cartridge Case Page for more details!