Introducing plipbox

My plip2slip project was the first attempt to build a cheap but quite powerful network adapter for my unmodified classic Amiga 500 to get it to the net. Its already a lot faster than a Paula based serial link but you need a host Mac/PC speaking SLIP to finally reach the Internet…

The next level is called the plipbox project: Starting from a similar setup with an Arduino board I now added a cheap Ethernet module that allows direct access to your local network. Here is a photo of the resulting device:

The parallel connector is connected to your Amiga and the Ethernet cable is connected to the network module. Now run a TCP Stack on your Amiga with a MagPLIP network device driver and you can reach the Internet from your Amiga via plipbox… (The third cable on the left is the USB Arduion serial port I use to configure the parameters of the device like IP addresses)

The project is not completed yet, but already at a stage where you can actually use it and play with it!

The hardware design is already completely done and really simple to reproduce. Have a look a the hardware page for all the glory details.

On the software side there is still some clean up left to do but all basic things are working and I am already surfing the net with up to 50 KiB/s on my Amiga…

The complete source is open source (as usual!) and accessible on my GitHub repository: cnvogelg/plipbox. There you can follow the development. Currently only the source is available. So you need to build your own firmware image with a gcc-avr toolchain. I’ll release pre-build firmware snapshots next.

Already done in firmware:

  • two network interfaces modeled in plibpox:
    • internal PLIP point-2-point interface ( fixed IP) (e.g. use on your Amiga)
    • external Ethernet interface (either configurable fixed IP or via DHCP)
  • serial terminal to configure all parameters
  • full IP (UDP + TCP) bridging between both interfaces
  • ARP support on Ethernet

I hope you like the project and stay tuned for the first release…

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  • Dirk

    Hi Lallafa,

    i am very interest at this pillbox project.
    It is my last hope to connect my Amiga CD32 / SX Pro with my Mac to get internet.
    I spent many hours to connect it with the internet (miami, serial2USB adapter, Nullmodem) at this time without success. 🙁
    I hope to see the first release soon. 🙂

    bb Dirk

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