DiskImagery64 0.6 released

Yes, a new release is ready before I leave for the weekend 😉 Sorry, the documentation is not updated yet but there is lots of fresh code inside (bugs of course, too :/):

This time I added networking support. If you have a RRNet ethernet card and a Retro Replay with the Final Replay ROM 0.6 flashed on it then you are ready for real networking fun…

Simply connect your good old machine to the ethernet, run DiskImagery64 0.6 select a PRG file in a disk image or on your local disk and select “Network/Run Program”… tada! The file is transferred to your C64 and run immediately. That’s what I call confortable 😉

Another new goody is the NetDrive support available in TFR: Simply open a disk image in DiskImagery64 0.6 and select “Network/Share Files”… Now the image is available on your C64 on device 6: a

LOAD "$",6

will load the directory of your virtual disk. It is also possible to select only some files on an image or some files on the local file system and share them in a NetDrive. NetDrive support is currently basic and only supports reading quite well… This will change in the next release;)

Have fun and keep the feedback coming!

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