DiskImagery64 0.7 released

The last weeks I only had my MBP with me and that slowed down my DI64 development a bit. Nevertheless, I set up VICE with ethernet support and run the network stuff there 😉 One core of my system handled the virtual C64 and the other one run DI64. In between I had a Monitor running to trace all packets that were floating between the two “machines”..

This allowed me to finally implement all the nice features available in Graham’s WarpCopy64 inside DI64. That is now disk management I have ever dreamed of on my Mac: Browse through disk images on my hard disk with DI64 and if I want to check it out on the real machine a simple click transfers the image onto a real disk… Also the other way round: transferring large collections of real disks into disk images for archiving is now real fun!

This weekend, I returned to my real C64s and could test the WarpCopy support of DI64 for the first time with a real machine… it worked surprisingly well, so the time for a new release of DI64 was here! I had some tests with different kinds of broken disks and tuned the error reading code a bit… it works for slightly defective disks very well but still hangs sometimes on really bad cases. I will have a look at that for the next version… but I do not want to delay this release… now its time for GUI-based read/write WarpCopy64 on your Mac: grab the brand new Version 0.7 and enjoy!!!

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