VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

Unfortunately, the new MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) does not run the release binaries of VICE 1.22 and VICEplus 1.0 anymore.

Some debugging revealed three issues:

  • The startup has greatly simplified and does not need open-x11 (which by the way does not exist any more) to determine a valid DISPLAY value. Now MacOS X already defines a valid DISPLAY that automatically launches the X11 server. This needed a minor modification to the VICE launch scripts.
  • A really nasty bug in the CoreAudio sound driver now crashes the application. The bug existed for a long time but was never discovered since previous versions of MacOS X simply tolerated the wrong API call. Now Leopard is more picky and simply crashes. A small fix in the audio driver fixes this problem.
  • Finally, Apple updated the autoconf build tools and thus the build files needed minor modifications. Additionally, /bin/sh now seems to point to a real sh and since some scripts require /bin/bash they need to be changed to call the right shell.

I fixed these issues and now VICE and VICEplus run on Leopard, too. The fix is already applied to the current development versions of both branches.

For your convenience I also recompiled the current version with the patch applied:

5 comments to VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

  • Pentad

    Thanks for the Leopard fix! I love VICE and the VICE Team! However, I think there still is a bug in vice-macosx-x11-ub-1.22.leofix because the 128 emulator does not work. The rest of the emulators do (64, Vic, etc..) but not the 128.

    Just an FYI. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  • Metal Jesus

    Weird… I still can’t get this to work on my new Macbook. The application launches and sits down on the Dock, but I can’t figure out how to launch a game. The FILE menu doesn’t give me any option to do that…and it doesn’t display the classic Commodore Ready display. It’s like it launches but doesn’t display anything.

  • giga thanx!!! tons of thanx!!! i was getting crazy… i am a scener since 1988 and damn newbie on mac!… i’m trying to get use to mac things… after i buy my mbp, the first thing i tried was vice… damn! not working… a big dissappointment since i got here!!! thank you again for the leopard fix.

    vigo/bronx^trsi^zombie boys

  • enki

    Do you know how to unpack old .sit apps using Vice on leopard?
    I have an old app that requires Vice to install, but using Vice results in “Not Responding”. Is there a method to get Vice to work on Leopard? (I’m using 10.5.6)
    Any wisdom would be very precious to me and others,

  • enki

    Oops must recant. “The Unarchiver” works to open .sit. My issue is with a app installer that asks for vice to open it (the app installer) [don’t ask, work legacy issues] but vice crashes.
    Does your patch to vice unpack packages? If so how do i get it to unpack a package?
    If not do you know a workaround to open vice requesting installers?
    Thanks again.

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