What I’ve done lately…

So many month passed by and no update here… I wasn’t lazy (at least not all the time 😉 and so I’ll give you a short summary what retro projects I’ve been involved with lately:

DiskFreeezerX – My pet project that aims to build a standalone disk capture device… Should come very handy for partys . . . → Read More: What I’ve done lately…

MacVICE News: Introducing IO Tree

While the last added debugging features to MacVICE are all well-known and mostly ported from WinVICE this one is a new and currently mac-only debugging feature: The IO Tree. “What’s this?”, you might ask.

The IO Tree is actually an anotated dump of the memory-mapped IO registers from your beloved cbm platform. All is packed . . . → Read More: MacVICE News: Introducing IO Tree

MacVICE News: New Debug Windows

I am currently working on extending MacVICE with some fancy debugging features. Users of WinVICE already know the memory, register and disassemlby windows that exist besides the monitor view.

I adopted all of these window types with a slight make-it-the-mac-way style attached 😉 My debug windows are tied to the main or drive CPU and . . . → Read More: MacVICE News: New Debug Windows

MacVICE on Twitter

I always searched for an elegant (i.e. automatic and scriptable :)) way for announcing freshly compiled VICE snapshots. Now with the emerging hype of twitter I tried this out and with TTYtter it was easily integrated into my build scripts…

So follow me on macvice @ twitter to get the latest updates on freshly build . . . → Read More: MacVICE on Twitter

doremac.com online!

After thinkcommodore.com finally shut down its business, it was a sad time for Mac + Commodore fans without having a forum to discuss. Now the wait is over: a new site hit the ground: doremac.com. The site has a forum with strong focus on Commodore computing done by Mac users. Starting from data transfer . . . → Read More: doremac.com online!

VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

Unfortunately, the new MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) does not run the release binaries of VICE 1.22 and VICEplus 1.0 anymore.

Some debugging revealed three issues:

The X11.app startup has greatly simplified and does not need open-x11 (which by the way does not exist any more) to determine a valid DISPLAY value. Now MacOS X already . . . → Read More: VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

Project State Update

This post summarizes the state of the Projects I am currently involved in:

VICE: Cocoa Port is progressing well. Core already finished. DiskImagery64: Almost no time lately. Moved to SF.net OpenCBM: Joined development to support Mac port . . . → Read More: Project State Update

What’s new in VICE 1.21 for Macs

On 10th of march the newest version of VICE was released to the public. As your fellow Mac port maintainer I’ll give you a short summary what’s new in this version from an Apple Fan’s point of view…

. . . → Read More: What’s new in VICE 1.21 for Macs

New MacVice X11/Gtk+ Bundles

Today I finished a larger patch for the Mac port of VICE that overhauls the bundling process.

The major changes are:

Support of both X11 and Gtk+ Builds A single application bundle contains all emulators. The application bundle is “smart” Command Line Usage is greatly improved . . . → Read More: New MacVice X11/Gtk+ Bundles

New X11 Launcher for MacVICE

VICE on Macs is currently an application bundle that launches X11 and the X11 version of VICE. I added a new launcher script for the next VICE release that allows to drop files on the app icon. Each dropped file is autostarted when opening the emulator. Furthermore, you can run the launcher from the command . . . → Read More: New X11 Launcher for MacVICE