My MMCReplay arrived

The MMCReplay is the newest cartridge from Individual Computers for your C64. It combines the well-known Retro Replay cartridge with a RRNet ethernet adapter and a MMC 64 cartridge on a single board that fits into a single case.

Sounds awesome? It is! Mine arrived during this week and today I had the time to check it out. I just finished drilling out the holes for all connectors and now the board fits nicely in its case:

After using the RR+RRnet and MMC64 with the two cases interconnected and the network cable pointing upwards its a real relief to have everything in a single case.

The BIOS of the MMCReplay is really nice and full featured. You can flash ROM images directly from files stored on a SD card. You have 7 slots available that can hold different ROM images.

RRNet was tested with DiskImages64 on my Mac, of course. All works as expected
and since the MMCReplay is fully compatible to the RR+RRNet and MMC64 it is no surprise.

Now I have something new to play with… And I really feel like updating DI64 with some new features… 😉

2 thoughts on “My MMCReplay arrived

  1. That looks pretty damn cool. I’m trying to find one but every web shop I look at has the older RR+RRnet and MMC64s, but not this guy.

    Can you point me in the right direction?

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