dtv2ser 0.3 released

Finally dtv2ser 0.3 is ready for prime time!

Grab your copy here: dtv2ser Homepage

The new version introduces a fully automatic bootstrap command that brings an unmodified DTV (with only a DB9 joystick connector attached) into dtvtrans mode in a few minutes without manual intervention. A normal mode types in TLR’s boot.txt basic booter on the virtual keyboard and fetches mlboot.prg and dtvtrans.prg afterwards. A new improved fast bootstrap method does some pre POKEs to speed up typing and boots in half the time. Additionally, a screen code compiler allows to type in mlboot.prg directly to screen space and run it there without the need to execute boot.txt first.

Additionally, the JoyStream is introduced to describe and execute sequences of joystick input via a special string language syntax. AutoType allows to type in arbitrary files or strings via the virtual keyboard of DTV’s basic prompt. A Screen Code compiler encodes an assembler program and directly types in the corresponding character codes on the screen to run it there.

Have fun!

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