dtv2ser 0.5 released

From time to time I get requests of users who want to buy or build their own dtv2ser device from the schematics I published in previous dtv2ser versions. Unfortunately, I only ordered a small number of prototype boards and those boards are already all sold out. For most users the schematic is too difficult to build from scratch and so they couldn’t use dtv2ser at all 🙁

With the growing popularity of the Arduino platform I soon had the idea to “port” the dtv2ser firmware to this common and easy available boards. I managed to get the firmware running in about a day and the good thing is: only three tiny HW modifications are required to transform a Arduino 2009 board into a fully functional dtv2ser device… So time to pack all the new stuff together and make a new release… it is: dtv2ser 0.5 with Arduino 2009 support is available. The release mainly contains the new board support and some minor bug fixes.

Enjoy and have fun building your own dtv2ser 😉

dtv2ser 0.4 released!

LTNS! Yes, indeed… it took quite a while to finish this new version, but its really worth the wait!

dtv2ser 0.4 now supports all new features of dtvtrans 1.0 including init after reset, BASIC loading, saving and RUN. Furthermore, full flash support was added!

If you are impatient then just head over to the dtv2ser homepage and download your copy.

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sd2iec in DTV Joystick

I just built my sd2iec device board from Shadowolf. Its really small and compact so I thought why not integrate it into my modded DTV with the original joystick case. I don’t wanted to sacrificy the battery case so I knew there is not much place left…

With a lot of cramming and fiddling around I finally managed to insert the sd2iec inside my DTV Mod. Phew! Now the case is filled up to the limit – but its cool to have a sd2iec right inside the joystick;)

Have a look here at my gallery for more pictures!

dtv2ser 0.3 released

Finally dtv2ser 0.3 is ready for prime time!

Grab your copy here: dtv2ser Homepage

The new version introduces a fully automatic bootstrap command that brings an unmodified DTV (with only a DB9 joystick connector attached) into dtvtrans mode in a few minutes without manual intervention. A normal mode types in TLR’s boot.txt basic booter on the virtual keyboard and fetches mlboot.prg and dtvtrans.prg afterwards. A new improved fast bootstrap method does some pre POKEs to speed up typing and boots in half the time. Additionally, a screen code compiler allows to type in mlboot.prg directly to screen space and run it there without the need to execute boot.txt first.

Additionally, the JoyStream is introduced to describe and execute sequences of joystick input via a special string language syntax. AutoType allows to type in arbitrary files or strings via the virtual keyboard of DTV’s basic prompt. A Screen Code compiler encodes an assembler program and directly types in the corresponding character codes on the screen to run it there.

Have fun!

More dtv2ser+usb PCBs and a new KeyboardTwister

Finally I got all parts for the dtv2ser+usb boards including the missing USB connector. Actually a type A female connector was placed on the layout but it is less common. By mounting a type A male connector on the lower side of the PCB upside down I was able to replace the female connector with the more common version. Now the board really looks like a USB stick:

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dtv2ser+usb Prototype

Currently, the dtv2ser device provides a RS232 interface and you need an external usb2serial converter to connect it to a modern host computer. So why not directly include the usb2serial conversion on the dtv2ser board. I found the FT232R chip that fullfills that task and is not too expensive (and also Reichelt my local parts dealer has it available 😉

Have a look at my dtv2ser+usb prototype that will be presented in release 0.2 of dtv2ser…

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