XU1541 for my Mac

I had the parts lying around for a few weeks now, but yesterday I found the time to solder everything together: the XU1541 created by Till Harbaum. Its a USB-to-IEC bus converter device that allows to connect modern hardware with retro CBM devices like a 1541 floppy. As you might have guessed already, I wanted to check out if it works with my Mac, too…

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Added a MMC2IEC to my DTV64

Easter time is project time 😉 I spent the free days with working on some of my C64 hardware projects… This time I added a SD-Card based virtual 1541 Floppy emulator to my DTV mod. I integrated Lars’s MMC2IEC Project that implements this HW floppy with an Atmel ATmega32 microcontroller and just a few more parts (available for a few bucks).

Here is how I built it and how to use the Mac as a development system for the AVR controller…
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