SilverSurfer patched for Amiga 500

I just purchased a new HW goodie for my classic Amiga 500. A clockport adapter and a SilverSurfer serial card that allows high baudrates (e.g. 115200 baud) on this machine without generating too much CPU load.

HW installation was fairly easy, but with the software the trouble began… The supplied drivers does not run on an Amiga 500 but only on an A1200 🙁 Being a real retro hacker I had a look at the driver binary, disassembled it and found out that the code could be easily patched to run on an A500, too.

Now it works like a charm even on the 680000 machines. Here try yourself:

If you want to know how this was done… then read on… Be warned: technical details ahead 😉

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