More dtv2ser+usb PCBs and a new KeyboardTwister

Finally I got all parts for the dtv2ser+usb boards including the missing USB connector. Actually a type A female connector was placed on the layout but it is less common. By mounting a type A male connector on the lower side of the PCB upside down I was able to replace the female connector with the more common version. Now the board really looks like a USB stick:

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VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

Unfortunately, the new MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) does not run the release binaries of VICE 1.22 and VICEplus 1.0 anymore.

Some debugging revealed three issues:

  • The startup has greatly simplified and does not need open-x11 (which by the way does not exist any more) to determine a valid DISPLAY value. Now MacOS X already defines a valid DISPLAY that automatically launches the X11 server. This needed a minor modification to the VICE launch scripts.
  • A really nasty bug in the CoreAudio sound driver now crashes the application. The bug existed for a long time but was never discovered since previous versions of MacOS X simply tolerated the wrong API call. Now Leopard is more picky and simply crashes. A small fix in the audio driver fixes this problem.
  • Finally, Apple updated the autoconf build tools and thus the build files needed minor modifications. Additionally, /bin/sh now seems to point to a real sh and since some scripts require /bin/bash they need to be changed to call the right shell.

I fixed these issues and now VICE and VICEplus run on Leopard, too. The fix is already applied to the current development versions of both branches.

For your convenience I also recompiled the current version with the patch applied:

dtv2ser+usb Prototype

Currently, the dtv2ser device provides a RS232 interface and you need an external usb2serial converter to connect it to a modern host computer. So why not directly include the usb2serial conversion on the dtv2ser board. I found the FT232R chip that fullfills that task and is not too expensive (and also Reichelt my local parts dealer has it available 😉

Have a look at my dtv2ser+usb prototype that will be presented in release 0.2 of dtv2ser…

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KeyboardTwister for my DTV

The DTV supports a PS/2 keyboard for an emulation of the original Commodore 64 keyboard. The PS/2 key mapping is hard-coded to a US keyboard layout. If you use a national (here: german) keyboard you have to translate the mapping manually.. Either by remembering the correct mapping or by painting new key caps…

Shadowolf on Forum64 presented a very nice solution: The KeyboardTwister. This small tinyAVR based HW Mod sits between the PS/2 connector of the DTV and the PS/2 keyboard and translates the keymapping.

Have a look at my KeyboardTwister gallery…

The KeyboardTwister connected to my DTV

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