DiskImagery64 0.7 for Linux & Windows

Yes, DiskImagery64 is portable… that’s the reason why I wrote this little tool with the Qt Library. The published source already contained all you need for compiling on both platforms. I test all my releases with the Open Source Qt Versions on Windows XP and on Ubuntu Linux 6.10.

Some users asked for a binary on these platforms and that wish led me away from my beloved Mac platform to try out bundling on foreign terrain 😉 on Linux and Win. On Win I found the nice open-source installer creator NSIS that helped me creating a nice installer. But compiling the source on windows by hand was not my style so I finally hacked some *urgs* DOS .bat file to automate building… Gradually I added all nice features including automatic CBM font installation, D64 extension registration and Startup Menu shortcuts!

On Ubuntu I had my first experience with debian package creation. Wow I am impressed what powerfull mechanisms there are to create complicated packages without any problems automatically. With the help of the wonderful Debian New Maintainer’s Guide I got a package for DI64 in a few hours and peeking at the source of other packages helped me to create a fine bundle with embedded font installing and desktop registration. Only extension binding currently does not work out of the box… so if there are any deb packagers with ideas out there then drop me a mail!

Now have a look at the Download area of DI64 and check out the win installer and the ubuntu packages… If there are any problems with them so bear with me – they are my first non-mac ones 😉

DiskImagery64 0.7 released

The last weeks I only had my MBP with me and that slowed down my DI64 development a bit. Nevertheless, I set up VICE with ethernet support and run the network stuff there 😉 One core of my system handled the virtual C64 and the other one run DI64. In between I had a Monitor running to trace all packets that were floating between the two “machines”..

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