dtv2ser 0.5 released

From time to time I get requests of users who want to buy or build their own dtv2ser device from the schematics I published in previous dtv2ser versions. Unfortunately, I only ordered a small number of prototype boards and those boards are already all sold out. For most users the schematic is too difficult to build from scratch and so they couldn’t use dtv2ser at all 🙁

With the growing popularity of the Arduino platform I soon had the idea to “port” the dtv2ser firmware to this common and easy available boards. I managed to get the firmware running in about a day and the good thing is: only three tiny HW modifications are required to transform a Arduino 2009 board into a fully functional dtv2ser device… So time to pack all the new stuff together and make a new release… it is: dtv2ser 0.5 with Arduino 2009 support is available. The release mainly contains the new board support and some minor bug fixes.

Enjoy and have fun building your own dtv2ser 😉