KeyboardTwister for my DTV

The DTV supports a PS/2 keyboard for an emulation of the original Commodore 64 keyboard. The PS/2 key mapping is hard-coded to a US keyboard layout. If you use a national (here: german) keyboard you have to translate the mapping manually.. Either by remembering the correct mapping or by painting new key caps…

Shadowolf on . . . → Read More: KeyboardTwister for my DTV

dtv2ser 0.1 released

As already announced in my last post: Finally, the first public release 0.1 of dtv2ser is online!

Go check it out on my new dtv2ser homepage!

dtvtrans + mac -> dtv2ser

Macs don’t have Parallel Ports. That’s no problem for using nowaday devices but its a real disadvantage if you like to hack hardware and need to access ports or like to work on toggle-bits level with any kind of homebrew hardware.

I had a look at the cool DTV transfer tool called dtvtrans written . . . → Read More: dtvtrans + mac -> dtv2ser