plipbox 0.4 released

Huh? Yet another plipbox release in such a short time, you might ask. While last time it was a software only update this time its a hardware update! I found such a nice new HW platform for the plipbox project that is really worth an immediate release…

While browsing ebay for some interesting hacking hardware . . . → Read More: plipbox 0.4 released

plipbox 0.3 released

It took quite a while but now a shiny new release of plibbox is available: The new version 0.3 is an AVR firmware and Amiga driver update and works on the same hardware as presented in 0.1 and 0.2.

The major change in this release was motivated by Nitz76, one of my commenters in the . . . → Read More: plipbox 0.3 released

Emulating plipbox with FS-UAE

Recently, I had some time to spend and wanted to work on the plipbox project’s Amiga driver. Unfortunately, I only had my MacBook Pro with me and no Amiga or plipbox hardware.

What does a SW developer do if the real hardware is not at hand?

Yes, you write an emulator that represents the missing . . . → Read More: Emulating plipbox with FS-UAE

vamos runs on Windows now

User kyberias was so kind to port the native part of vamos (the m68k emulation) to Windows and send me his patches for inclusion. The port is now included in my source tree and Windows user can now enjoy using vamos on their platform, too. Have a look at the README.WIN for build instruction.

With . . . → Read More: vamos runs on Windows now

added new amitool: xdfscan

I added a new tool to amitools, my set of cross platform classic Amiga tools: xdfscan!

What does this tool do?

Its a disk image file scanner that inspects Amiga disk (.adf) or hard disk (.hdf) image files for AmigaOS OFS or FFS file systems. If such a file system is found then the scanner . . . → Read More: added new amitool: xdfscan

plipbox 0.2: added support for AVR-NET-IO board

I discovered a new board that is even more suitable for plipbox than the Arduino: It’s called the AVR-NET-IO and is available from german electronics distributor Pollin. Its fairly cheap (20 EUR for the kit) and you can also buy it pre-assembled (28 EUR). It contains all things we need: an AVR ATmega32, the . . . → Read More: plipbox 0.2: added support for AVR-NET-IO board

plipbox firmware 0.1 released

The wait is over: the first firmware release of the plipbox project is available. Simply head over to my plipbox page and fetch your copy…

The first release includes full DHCP support and statically configured Ethernet operation, so it should work on most local networks out there. With ARP and TCP/UDP/IP bridging in place, it . . . → Read More: plipbox firmware 0.1 released

Introducing plipbox

My plip2slip project was the first attempt to build a cheap but quite powerful network adapter for my unmodified classic Amiga 500 to get it to the net. Its already a lot faster than a Paula based serial link but you need a host Mac/PC speaking SLIP to finally reach the Internet…

The next level . . . → Read More: Introducing plipbox

CF card partitioning with rdbtool

Here is my little easter present for you: I finished the first release of rdbtool. “What’s that?” you may ask. It’s a new member of amitools, a family of cross-platform Classic Amiga tools I am developing. rdbtool is a command line utility that allows you to inspect, change or create new disk images or even . . . → Read More: CF card partitioning with rdbtool

xdftool updated

Since my last report on xdftool I have updated a few things:

added support for RBD/RDSK hdf images changed repack command to be more flexible added open/create commands for better control of disk image geometry

In the following I give you a short round up of all new features by giving you some examples…

. . . → Read More: xdftool updated