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DICE 3.15 revisited on Mac

DICE (Matt Dillon’s C Compiler Environment) was one of the first C compiler I came in touch with back in the days on my A500. Recently,while scanning the Net for a m68k Amiga Cross Compiler solution for my Mac I stumbled across the source code release of DICE by Matt himself…

Here is the story of getting this old pearl running on my Mac…
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sd2iec in DTV Joystick

I just built my sd2iec device board from Shadowolf. Its really small and compact so I thought why not integrate it into my modded DTV with the original joystick case. I don’t wanted to sacrificy the battery case so I knew there is not much place left…

With a lot of cramming and fiddling around I finally managed to insert the sd2iec inside my DTV Mod. Phew! Now the case is filled up to the limit – but its cool to have a sd2iec right inside the joystick;)

Have a look here at my gallery for more pictures!

dtv2ser+usb Prototype

Currently, the dtv2ser device provides a RS232 interface and you need an external usb2serial converter to connect it to a modern host computer. So why not directly include the usb2serial conversion on the dtv2ser board. I found the FT232R chip that fullfills that task and is not too expensive (and also Reichelt my local parts dealer has it available 😉

Have a look at my dtv2ser+usb prototype that will be presented in release 0.2 of dtv2ser…

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone,

welcome to my blog!

This blog will contain notes about the personal projects I am working on. The main focus will be my favorite hardware namely the Commodore 64 and Apple’s Macs and the emulation of the first one on the second machine.

As I am the current maintainer of the Mac port of the VICE Commodore Emulator Suite, you will find here in depth information on running this software.