Site page structure changed

Here is a short info about my site: Due to the increasing number of projects here I had to structure them a bit. I introduced new main sections called c64-projects and amiga-projects.

All existing pages are now relocated under one of the two sections. Unfortunately, with this change all external link addresses to these pages . . . → Read More: Site page structure changed

What I’ve done lately…

So many month passed by and no update here… I wasn’t lazy (at least not all the time 😉 and so I’ll give you a short summary what retro projects I’ve been involved with lately:

DiskFreeezerX – My pet project that aims to build a standalone disk capture device… Should come very handy for partys . . . → Read More: What I’ve done lately…

MacViceBuilder replaced by VICE 1.20

For those who didn’t know it already: The build scripts that create a universal mac binary of VICE called MacViceBuilder are now completely integrated in the current VICE release.

I removed the download link from my page and updated the site’s contents.

PS: All patches found there are also integrated in the current VICE release.

. . . → Read More: MacViceBuilder replaced by VICE 1.20

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone,

welcome to my blog!

This blog will contain notes about the personal projects I am working on. The main focus will be my favorite hardware namely the Commodore 64 and Apple’s Macs and the emulation of the first one on the second machine.

As I am the current maintainer of the Mac port . . . → Read More: Welcome to my blog!