DiskImagery64 0.5 released

First of all: The best wishes for 2007 to you all!

The nice thing with christmas holidays is the spare time you have to work on some retro projects. One of the my number-one want-to-have-tools is a browser for disk images (D64 of course) to quickly scan through the pile of disk image files I have on my Mac’s hard disk. There are some disk editors available that would do the trick, but mostly on Windows or Java and not natively on Macs. Since none of my christmas parcels contained such a Mac App, I simply started to write my own one…

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New X11 Launcher for MacVICE

VICE on Macs is currently an application bundle that launches X11 and the X11 version of VICE. I added a new launcher script for the next VICE release that allows to drop files on the app icon. Each dropped file is autostarted when opening the emulator. Furthermore, you can run the launcher from the command line in your terminal and pass arbitrary arguments. In this case, no xterm for VICE input/output is opened but the terminal is used.

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WarpCopy64 on Macs

Graham’s WarpCopy64 is *the* tool if you want to copy some of your real c64 disks directly via ethernet to your host. The initial release was windows only, but j0x did a really nice job of porting the host code as a command line tool to linux.

So I thought, why not run this little gem on my MBP (as it is a well-behaved un*x-system, too)…
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