MacVICE on Twitter

I always searched for an elegant (i.e. automatic and scriptable :)) way for announcing freshly compiled VICE snapshots. Now with the emerging hype of twitter I tried this out and with TTYtter it was easily integrated into my build scripts…

So follow me on macvice @ twitter to get the latest updates on freshly build MacVICE versions…

dtv2ser 0.4 released!

LTNS! Yes, indeed… it took quite a while to finish this new version, but its really worth the wait!

dtv2ser 0.4 now supports all new features of dtvtrans 1.0 including init after reset, BASIC loading, saving and RUN. Furthermore, full flash support was added!

If you are impatient then just head over to the dtv2ser homepage and download your copy.

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After finally shut down its business, it was a sad time for Mac + Commodore fans without having a forum to discuss. Now the wait is over: a new site hit the ground: The site has a forum with strong focus on Commodore computing done by Mac users. Starting from data transfer connection issues to CBM emulators on the Mac you can find everything there. Head over and check it out!

Grasstust, the site maintainer, was kind enough to add a MacVICE Forum Thread. So all MacVICE related stuff including bug fixes and user support can be discussed there.

dtvtrans + mac -> dtv2ser

dtv2ser prototype
Macs don’t have Parallel Ports. That’s no problem for using nowaday devices but its a real disadvantage if you like to hack hardware and need to access ports or like to work on toggle-bits level with any kind of homebrew hardware.

I had a look at the cool DTV transfer tool called dtvtrans written by TLR. There you build a parallel to joystick port cable and then you can transfer memory blocks directly from and to the DTV’s RAM or ROM. This is ultra handy for development and fast testing…

But without a parport on my Mac, what to do?
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XU1541 for my Mac

I had the parts lying around for a few weeks now, but yesterday I found the time to solder everything together: the XU1541 created by Till Harbaum. Its a USB-to-IEC bus converter device that allows to connect modern hardware with retro CBM devices like a 1541 floppy. As you might have guessed already, I wanted to check out if it works with my Mac, too…

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Added a MMC2IEC to my DTV64

Easter time is project time 😉 I spent the free days with working on some of my C64 hardware projects… This time I added a SD-Card based virtual 1541 Floppy emulator to my DTV mod. I integrated Lars’s MMC2IEC Project that implements this HW floppy with an Atmel ATmega32 microcontroller and just a few more parts (available for a few bucks).

Here is how I built it and how to use the Mac as a development system for the AVR controller…
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DiskImagery64 0.7 released

The last weeks I only had my MBP with me and that slowed down my DI64 development a bit. Nevertheless, I set up VICE with ethernet support and run the network stuff there 😉 One core of my system handled the virtual C64 and the other one run DI64. In between I had a Monitor running to trace all packets that were floating between the two “machines”..

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DiskImagery64 0.5a released

Oops! I think it was too late yesterday…

The Mac application bundle of version 0.5 is corrupt! It only runs on a system with Qt libraries installed. I forgot to fix the internal references of the relocated Qt frameworks 🙁

Help is on its way: I just uploaded version 0.5a that fixes the bundling script. Now the Mac app should run on any system…

BTW: If you have installed the CBM Fonts then you might need a logou/login on your Mac to enable them correctly!