pifon: an audio baby monitor for two Raspberry Pis

Becoming a dad does not only completely change your life but also changes the scope of your hobby projects (If time still permits :)) My first self-made project made especially for my newborn baby boy Felix is called pifon and is an audio baby monitor realized with two Raspberry Pi devices.

the pifon . . . → Read More: pifon: an audio baby monitor for two Raspberry Pis

Watterott MI0283QT-9A Display for the Rasbperry Pi

In my last post I attached the Watterott Display to my Raspi. The model MI0283QT-2 I have here is not available anymore and was replaced with the newer MI0283QT-9A display modul. Unfortunately, this new display uses a different graphics chip and thus the driver I wrote won’t work for these panels… 🙁

With my new . . . → Read More: Watterott MI0283QT-9A Display for the Rasbperry Pi

Watterott Display on Raspberry Pi

I really like my Raspberry Pi, but what I am missing is a tiny display matching the size of the board that can be used as primary display, the boot console or some graphics later on.

A very nice and cheap TFT display is the MI0283QT-Adapter (note: I got the -2 version not the newer . . . → Read More: Watterott Display on Raspberry Pi

SD Card “disk box”

Its getting colder outside and its time for cool retro projects!

Today I had a really fine idea on how to better store all the SD cards I have lying around here on my desk…

With lots of retro projects using SD card as primary storage media I have lots of them here on my . . . → Read More: SD Card “disk box”

Build an Arduino-based Temperature Logger

Ok, this time its no retro project, but a rather useful tool to measure your temperatue at home over a longer period of time. I had trouble with my heating devices at home and so I wanted to record and present temperature curves of various rooms to show that something is wrong…

This was a . . . → Read More: Build an Arduino-based Temperature Logger

plipbox 0.2: added support for AVR-NET-IO board

I discovered a new board that is even more suitable for plipbox than the Arduino: It’s called the AVR-NET-IO and is available from german electronics distributor Pollin. Its fairly cheap (20 EUR for the kit) and you can also buy it pre-assembled (28 EUR). It contains all things we need: an AVR ATmega32, the . . . → Read More: plipbox 0.2: added support for AVR-NET-IO board

plipbox firmware 0.1 released

The wait is over: the first firmware release of the plipbox project is available. Simply head over to my plipbox page and fetch your copy…

The first release includes full DHCP support and statically configured Ethernet operation, so it should work on most local networks out there. With ARP and TCP/UDP/IP bridging in place, it . . . → Read More: plipbox firmware 0.1 released

Introducing plipbox

My plip2slip project was the first attempt to build a cheap but quite powerful network adapter for my unmodified classic Amiga 500 to get it to the net. Its already a lot faster than a Paula based serial link but you need a host Mac/PC speaking SLIP to finally reach the Internet…

The next level . . . → Read More: Introducing plipbox

SilverSurfer patched for Amiga 500

I just purchased a new HW goodie for my classic Amiga 500. A clockport adapter and a SilverSurfer serial card that allows high baudrates (e.g. 115200 baud) on this machine without generating too much CPU load.

HW installation was fairly easy, but with the software the trouble began… The supplied drivers does not run on . . . → Read More: SilverSurfer patched for Amiga 500

plip2slip 0.1 released

While playing with my A500 recently, I had the idea to try out the TCP Stacks available for this platform. Since the little Amiga lacks a decent ethernet card I had to get along with the internal serial port and a SLIP connection. With 9600 Baud this is very slooow. So I kept on searching . . . → Read More: plip2slip 0.1 released