D64QLPlugin 0.1 released

Mac OS X 10.5 has a really nice feature called QuickLook. This renders the contents of your files into nice little thumbnails and also allows to inspect them in detail by pressing Space…

I have lying around hundreds of D64 disk images on my hard disk and thought it would be really nice to have . . . → Read More: D64QLPlugin 0.1 released

doremac.com online!

After thinkcommodore.com finally shut down its business, it was a sad time for Mac + Commodore fans without having a forum to discuss. Now the wait is over: a new site hit the ground: doremac.com. The site has a forum with strong focus on Commodore computing done by Mac users. Starting from data transfer . . . → Read More: doremac.com online!

VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

Unfortunately, the new MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) does not run the release binaries of VICE 1.22 and VICEplus 1.0 anymore.

Some debugging revealed three issues:

The X11.app startup has greatly simplified and does not need open-x11 (which by the way does not exist any more) to determine a valid DISPLAY value. Now MacOS X already . . . → Read More: VICE and VICEplus Leopard fix

DiskImagery64 0.6 released

Yes, a new release is ready before I leave for the weekend 😉 Sorry, the documentation is not updated yet but there is lots of fresh code inside (bugs of course, too :/):

This time I added networking support. If you have a RRNet ethernet card and a Retro Replay with the Final Replay ROM . . . → Read More: DiskImagery64 0.6 released