sd2iec in DTV Joystick

I just built my sd2iec device board from Shadowolf. Its really small and compact so I thought why not integrate it into my modded DTV with the original joystick case. I don’t wanted to sacrificy the battery case so I knew there is not much place left…

With a lot of cramming and fiddling . . . → Read More: sd2iec in DTV Joystick

dtv2ser 0.3 released

Finally dtv2ser 0.3 is ready for prime time!

Grab your copy here: dtv2ser Homepage

The new version introduces a fully automatic bootstrap command that brings an unmodified DTV (with only a DB9 joystick connector attached) into dtvtrans mode in a few minutes without manual intervention. A normal mode types in TLR’s boot.txt basic booter . . . → Read More: dtv2ser 0.3 released

My MMCReplay arrived

The MMCReplay is the newest cartridge from Individual Computers for your C64. It combines the well-known Retro Replay cartridge with a RRNet ethernet adapter and a MMC 64 cartridge on a single board that fits into a single case.

Sounds awesome? It is! Mine arrived during this week and today I had the time to . . . → Read More: My MMCReplay arrived online!

After finally shut down its business, it was a sad time for Mac + Commodore fans without having a forum to discuss. Now the wait is over: a new site hit the ground: The site has a forum with strong focus on Commodore computing done by Mac users. Starting from data transfer . . . → Read More: online!

Automatic DTV bootstrapping with mini-mod and dtv2ser

The upcoming version dtv2ser 0.3 will contain a bootstrapping command.

What’s this all about?

. . . → Read More: Automatic DTV bootstrapping with mini-mod and dtv2ser

dtv2ser 0.2 released

A new release of dtv2ser is available now.

Just head over to my dtv2ser Homepage and grab your copy!

New Features are:

New dtv2ser+usb schematic+board with a neat USB Stick like device for dtv2ser Booloader support for AVR to update the firmware directly via serial Added ‘boot’ dtvtrans command

More dtv2ser+usb PCBs and a new KeyboardTwister

Finally I got all parts for the dtv2ser+usb boards including the missing USB connector. Actually a type A female connector was placed on the layout but it is less common. By mounting a type A male connector on the lower side of the PCB upside down I was able to replace the female connector with . . . → Read More: More dtv2ser+usb PCBs and a new KeyboardTwister

First dtv2ser+usb PCB

It took quite a while until I had the first prototypes of dtv2ser+usb here on my desk… Now they are here: I got nine boards from PCB-Pool and they really look great:

Fortunately, I already ordered all essential parts for one board and started with soldering right now…

dtv2ser+usb Prototype

Currently, the dtv2ser device provides a RS232 interface and you need an external usb2serial converter to connect it to a modern host computer. So why not directly include the usb2serial conversion on the dtv2ser board. I found the FT232R chip that fullfills that task and is not too expensive (and also Reichelt my local parts . . . → Read More: dtv2ser+usb Prototype

KeyboardTwister for my DTV

The DTV supports a PS/2 keyboard for an emulation of the original Commodore 64 keyboard. The PS/2 key mapping is hard-coded to a US keyboard layout. If you use a national (here: german) keyboard you have to translate the mapping manually.. Either by remembering the correct mapping or by painting new key caps…

Shadowolf on . . . → Read More: KeyboardTwister for my DTV